Government Relations & Research

CCM's Government Relations & Research Department provides prompt, individualized responses to research requests on any topic related to municipal governance and operations and is available on an unlimited basis to all CCM member municipal officials.

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Every day, local officials from CCM-member municipalities turn to us to get the information they need - quickly, accurately, and without additional cost.

When you call CCM'S Government Relations & Research staff, you get results.

You can count on accurate, thorough, and timely answers to your questions. Every day, our research helps municipal officials throughout Connecticut make informed choices.

CCM Members who have registered for Members Only online access may submit a research request online.  You must be a registered member of our site to access the request form.  If you have not yet registered, please click here.

Please note: CCM Government Relations & Research does not provide legal advice, opinions or conclusions.   Any information provided in response to a research request is for general reference purposes only.  If you have questions about a legal issue, the application of the law to specific factual situations, or the interpretation of any statutes, ordinances or case law, CCM strongly recommends that you consult your municipal attorney or other relevant party.  An electronic copy of all research request responses is provided to the chief elected official of the requesting member municipality.

Contact the CCM Government Relations & Research Staff:

Brian West
Senior Research Analyst

AJ Birmingham
Associate Research Analyst


Kennedy Munro
Research Analyst

Annie Scully
Associate Research Analyst